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tv   News 3 Live at Eleven  NBC  February 8, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm PST

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idinse. fi orstn, 3 theye werhe t ctvi oimsf a vntioleho me iniovasndn, aon t tightrehey' tigetomng see h flprom aew vier likeou y. odgove e,ning'm i jcaessi me.oor im>> j: i'm jimny s.der rafteee sing theirto sry onws ne r3 fidayht nig o,neal locan m called us toay se h just had to odo sinmethndg, a it'sur o top story thtonig. j>>caessioh: jn,s this i a orstfy o ade wonrfuloo gd masaanrit. ep>> rerorton: nfe os thi is igoong t getry ga 'sfstufac bk, ononetf ill wi gbrinm hi a esens ofus j,ticet tha isha wt pe olicare. for wbuthate hld couet g back is a sesen oomf citmuntoy, aam fily hatut sreee flset prtyon lely. nwhe west firet m gary handis ,wife w itas fayrid, he was corengverie, thct vifim o a levioomnt he iinvason,ta sples hiin eas h dto prft. i >> i've hadwo tt ca s.scan ep>> rrto:er but monday we're ckba o,ynl tshime ti -- rowe bughtel hp. > >whovermiel,ng d in'idt
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>> roeperrt:en kci matndice, he haser nev mety, garut bhe wn he saw his storyn o canh3nel ayfridhe, t ceconn wtionas stinant. t >>enhe gmatlethn hereue jst dkin ofo tduche myea hrt, and i outh yght,ouw, knomy if we and i ta lkedand iid sa'm i going to do shiometng. >>or repter:r' gais -- rygast's orys iea heartbr,king otwek wegos a tenwo mic kked in shi door,d tie him up andis polt whdippeim h, his wlcheehair bo wundifetr sd ande tonhee bd. whisound willea hl. but his ,home ttha will take somee h.lp w >> ge're oingto putom se resc bwskacn ier the soat th wo'tnbe bl ae to move. >> rteeporer: h vtolundeereto fheix t door fore, frend ace sin rthei w carasst olen a ride to lo awe'ssl. wel theer othng thie, herre the's a stli o oftherng thist tha
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ecin styurife eaturs,vi kenay ss mhe dightoat ths ael wl. nwmeae,hil thestinveioigatsn i stillgo oning, ononea hsn bee caught forhi tsim cre. yifouow kn ainnythoug, y're urged to callme cri sertopps. hnjo treanor,ew ns 3. >>m: jiat gree rermind atth theerre a manye moroo g pdeeopl toure thean th bad. nkthayo u. oma bb tathreo frced the evatacu oionf a local wmaal-rt nitoght. thhe t wreat wasterit tn onhe waadll hhe tt res womansi inde theal wt-mar onou berld hayighw nearmo harn. thtoe sre wasck cheed out, cleared and isac bkn. ope e>> ja:ssic me oreabrngkiew ns onthtig a, sohongtids sen one manheto t hspoalit i,t hnappeed arneig craad roin rboainw. lipoayce s the manas wt sho osiut hde ismeho by aan mwh o wasid ringsi inde a van. ethn vak tooff o and we're told the victim is expected to ivsurve. ow>> n to ael devgopinto s ary,n seaccuild kler whoas wow alled alto wutk o of aa crnlifo jiaail acis bkin behd bars thtonig. thimis tehe re atut sohern daneva. wheasgh cautin hidg inld bouer
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lskeeym thoas isiv lesi outdef o dhelpern soet donentite cenr, and youpo ske clleufth wi a man hwhonappeoed t be lgivin neooxt-dtor he t ecsuspt. >>po re:rter hewa s rlyeal risurp tsedino fd out thatt tha ecsuspast w nglivixt neto im h ino brulde city. evstengh writas w on the run for ormhae tn aek we, butni toght he swill ileepn aai jl cell. mai gineonean m s'sisurproe t le tarn thathisuy g wasi livng -dnext aoorhend waste wand by eths. cop k>> i indofpu wot t ando tw thtogeer. >>po rer:rtei hidutng o in rthisoom at naevad inn,in ulboderit cy. >> s he' veryqu iet. >>po re:rterus a sedpect ki wllerhho souldav hen bee behind bars. i >> dtrie toe givim h ts,owel and held woun't openth e door, 'sheke li i'mka oy,t jusee rf emth -- le tavehemby he too dr. r>>teeporer: h t can'evbelie
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th>> e copse cam inan d sedcoop mhi up. >>ep rr:orteve stengh writ, an iraspingap r at,rtisg caundht a cu bffedyun derps cors copat daneva inn. he>> tady h hadik l feour of thalem ln i ao r aw,ndth ey had thisle bultro pofel shid,nd a ythent wen i one rhtig after noa,therk too g theuyow dn. pre worttrighav leing bdehin stfad foota cons,inerna sck bags and a bpaack ick,n ay cite h may haanve w tedto stayer undhe t darar. ni>> ance uid qet upre he. peoplet, jus weal cl it ermayb iry,t'sal reui q uetp he yre,ou cannd blen. i r>>teeporrir: w ightsei bng hheld werehilee hit awas adextrnitiok baclo to sng a.eles a$2 00,00ar rewd bwasgein ofdfere for rminfonatiodi leang to his atrres, but it'sst ill unrcleani to ightf anenyol wil geth tata rewrdey mon. eykels ts,homas new 3. >>si jes tca:hanku. yo an eiomot nnalight for ai famly
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lekilyd b a rayunawve drir in the nh ortlaseg vas ignehohborod. cr owdsergathed athe twi grong mealmori for envelyee grn, as lipoeace s frchorhe tiv drer who hit her and left her to. die shest lo her lfei while she was justla pyingts ouide. >>or rep ter:t,righ she was herusod t thepi hostalut bad sly dshe'tidne mak it. to makes thi evenor me heart kibricng, herhe motr intellg the wdcro ghtonitth at she's napregnt, eiexpergncins thel wil ofer hnl oy dghauterwh eil se'hs expecting. > > litos myau dteghr. >>po reerrt: vicky davis has an irrepliesable holein her heart. herhtdaug terakeen frid this wo arldtt jus2e yars old. evelyn green embodied innocence,
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he>> tmu com anitylsoef lt to prsoces the uinnthlekab. wsheasy pla oingdeutsi here hom onho tmasv a.enue nolarth egs vpoas sliceay a hiicspann ma inis h mid0s 4 stayeatd he tce sne forab t ou10 inmesut t,enhoo tkff on i ae win windowssle -- ewhitin wledowss van. s>>ehas w a ggeorusoi llett rlgi when a wholeli tifemehe aad ofer h. >> poreertr: eonmotis run ghiith, whic offers hngelpiep ke theea pce. >> 's letpe resct h merryemoy b hnotgavin anyle viocene hre tot.nigh > l> i ostmyba ,byy m olyn daeughtr. isth man took myy. bab re dportavisnd a f heryamil want mthe anowhil kedlei thri lttle rlgi tot sepor farwd. >> ju stiv ge usom se jtiuse.c reorpt say- - >>po re:rtery the sotay nnl oy
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obackute her live, youan c see thean cdlesli fricke ingnth e darko tt.nigh you heardt thal p fearom the lyfami. if kyou wnow thoheri dvers, i or if the drrive istc wa,hing callol uyo canls ao callim crepp stoers toem rainon ans.ymou ich'm iristneki m,s new3. i>> jm:t' les hopeom sipe ts come in, cthris tine,hank you. thire fotst vesav h beeent cas ine thnew shhampireim prary. ethst fir nine v.otes so fars it' and lali sde for one ndcateida. wsne's 3d reeow canis e hreit wh thate rher ualnusuat leni ght tradition and which candidate is opon t beefor theaj myorit of eop iplent thast ate go tohe t lspol. r>>tepor wer: tell, threesown iwn nemp haeshirre wele abto voeate rlyusbeca oefth eir very lsmal lapopus,tion's it au rle all alowsy tinns towo t start vointusg jter aft midnight. ca isen p,ointi dlexvilch not, thisti ny townis ysalwa the fo cusofat f aenttontiwh en all nione v tersfilein to cast eith vroteh wites rtsul
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toverhe cryount. n wheey th do stcaat thte vohe tly tal is vioblyousy ver iesnter.ting otw votesor fal dontrd ump thtonig,hr tee foroh jn kh,asic a tndn he tonhe demrocicat seid urfo votes for berniesa ernds, d anuoto qte thenn aerounc n,one rfola hilry. rtheestf onew hshampirean c tstar vgotint a:0 6.m0 a. iralonicly, evenho tughix devill chnot a isy tinn, towt i has itque a hryistof o beingat rher raaccu iten an indicationf owh o wiinll wh tnee wa hshmpeir imprary. jndim aes j,sica ewe'rng goio t ehavly eartu rernsm fro nalatur danpo reourts ft oat ther vy rtimpo sant itep tnheac r teo e thewhitse hou,ir fst thing when our ndfrieat wgchinig tonht kewa w upith the weragnf.s o es>> j:sica a lot ofpl peoe inhophag ttth eey'r notig rht, tbu n youeverkn ow. >>m: ji wewill see. stillad ahe, when lgeugga is lonst o itsay wac bk home,he wre idoest go? >>ss jeica: turns out sthouands ofun meclaidag bnds e up inhe t samece plaan d youn ca bhuy watth oers leeavin behd. 'liakl te you deinsi the
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ev>> k in:weer und aet strch ofar wmer wereath. 'lwetal s trthe the 40s,bu t uwait yntil souee theft aonerno ghhis. tadecoils ming up. >>m: jie bre su tomi no anate rohe in your hbneigor forur o ntcoest. hetne winrl wiln wi 2 a016d for iofushan, tnks tom teaor fd ollincn. j>>icessnda: are he'sim jmy fa wllonith are p viewthof e tohtnigw. sho t >>hank, youve eeryon isn la gaves. ben sletilr myst beig tonht. e'>> wotve gid braes, bads, bo aoze,nd pe,eopls lotnd a tela stof oppe.le >> i'm wglad leeft out the hitrd b bseecau's it aam fily rop.gram tonayuesdni morheng wn you wake upth wi thene wagrswe 'reiv le m froimards. gra
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souee y tistarng at0. 4:3
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t,loha cnces areou y've abprobly lost a bag ate on timer o anheot or,r youw knoso emeon who ha ss. ato whp hap tens tohe lueggagat th rneved fin its way back home? tu ornstut ica en bo yurs, but o inlyouf y're wngillito go the dicestanui reqred toxp eelor sthire teasurve tro of aiunclmed g.oods > >uyoca mnkea seriously, .5109. lo aoktal l theli bng. >>or rep tter:sehere a the soundsf o delighted custorsme, cngashi inn ot wha osthert lef hibend. t>>shis i $60. >>or rep tter:anhousds of lmiesm fro mraccarirn a iportn ttheyin twnof o sscott,boro amalaba. daglen andul paaar jeustwo t of thest eteimad oneil mlion pshop wersloho fck tonc uimlaed ggbageav eyer year. theyre'ea shirc fngoras treures
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eccolltedro f tmlraveub hs ssacro then coutry. raisportke limc ancarrnl uedoad outhssand of unclaimedte ims erevynt moh,ll aat thff stu you lefteh bindat thev ner fndou its w baykacom he. >> you know what, most of them comero fmpl peoe w phoutth emn i ethk bac seat. >>or repter:99 % ofh cdecke ggbaage isni reuted with its rowne andhe t rniemaing 1% ends huperet anc umelaidgg baage. fromap lpstoto gu arit,s rsowf o exipensvebe ats, headho pnes, orartw k,even adl pade bd.oar shrsoppe can typreth muc fine it all. tharis wseehou forwa wayrd items tstaredn i 1970h wen heme cap u with aus bsinesn plato make crengycliio lotoon gds a rey.alit bndre catranlel is thepa comny espok.sman
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ifthrt shop cptoncend, ae hd ha aen frind i the. dc.a are that kworwa for ard busin le and llcaimed h up andai s--d hee bor. >> rtepor50er: rs yeaat ler eth sliprawngfa tycili sstock 05,00 newte ims eryve seingl day. omfr laguggeef ltin behd on ntrailas, p anesndu b,sses even stloar cgo smehipnts. e>> we havon a cttrach witl al ethr yo ciearrrs and weur psecha onit se,er aft theli airnes sp90ent s dayin tryg toni reute itit wh itswn oers. i >> got thisor f10 $. >>ep rteor wr:ean r iernttes e onasleg vasat neiv who areged th eorste dema the tripth wor while. > >ewe'vn beere he forwo t hours aly,readli deaitng whtt liidle k at a store forwo trs hou,ot gta wbeortht. i rtrepo cmeustorsan cnot buy
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at0, 2:3 one luckyus crtome has thahe c tnceope on aag wat th's neervee bn snee before in what's caedllhe t bgeaggaer expe.ienc odtay'sky lucto cusmeris dy san. c >> gan'tveet o trhed han bags dan theel jewry. >>ep rteorr: cebelatrgin her th55e windd aginnrsveyarit wh a iptrhe sas hpl neand f orremo anth a decade. >> we r de,ov i dvero 6 m84esil toet gre he. >> nk tha g you suysouc mhr fo opshngpi with us today here at clunmeai bdgaagge cteenr. aft giag bst juam ce offhe t ktrucnd a onlyne o pnerso on f staf shaseen theon cstent of het >> reporter: all the recovered imstere ale cedannd a either dotena od pr outn the swrhomoo fl woor,herero cwds ofar bgain shrsoppe dndesce. ow>> hh muc t ishatne o? hi>> tss i0. 1 >> itpishopndng a's it enaitertntnme.
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toin f ad,nde' wllbe ggoin roth aughk racnd a justll pu thsome oing autndst jure bakt ou ingh lauter. >po> rer:rtee hav youve er le efttymp hdan?ed >> no. alswayre the'som sinethg. r>>rtepoer:nc uedlaim bgeagga nadote toha cesriti allu arond theor wld,y' theveiv gendr huned ofou thssand ofrs paif o eyeas g toeshe tio lns club andl aso fureherbisldd oel wherchais. oturn iver ssoig hh,op shpers g trabhear bnsgaing loef bore cthey eouldver beos pted neonli. nda you know, i couldt no go th wereutitho finindg a sutreare formy .self it gos thitl lite vuitton h,pouc r fo40ks buc. i >>'t canel bieve it'sor wth a wfe hedundruc b bks,ut youo gt a odgol. dea opgenin aag big shtn u,seen you
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>>icjesshea: tgoy hr tougho t smake ture aherere no meunnantio.bles ybuteah,y the deonatng this to mewons stehelrs,oc lal ctihari aes,annd ngythiat th's rtwoseh eingy the onput the r.floo heby tim tee w gothe tre tohe t t wimee left,n thigs had tdurne ovoer t visy mfe yould cou h seeow muchff stu had enbeur pedchas, lepeope wer wangitir thee,i lned up beefor eyth oedpen. j>> vim:ery .cool ke>> tvin:ough toe batha tt. if you arera tngvelim fro almaaba too b,stone i'vgo t a anchoce tar shsoe me ofth eir wereathth wiou y. laeittlnu usual bseecaure we' usoed ti seethng de re sox yiplat ng aayfenw park,bu t now ycaou nee s snowoa brsrde,ey th ilbut a41 1t-foo rampor f the snowrd boaingnt eve trigh inhe t ddmif le oayfenwk. par nda naye havle pnty ofno sw out thereay tod. look how theng thidw fsar the
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in t,ownot n q auites engxciti asnway feut, bai certnly nice. lonok o aon mday allhe t trc,affiht rig here,h rigont alg theed ro rcklo op, whyot n, befuautiyl da too g out andke ta in o onehef t mostsc enic sites inth souernad neva. we b'lln egiheon tt ease sid nearar chonlest andol hoolywd, 'rtheye at 6gr2 deees. at daych s toolrehey'in comg in at 52. icneig nht, 50s vyalle wide. one eptxceion,ut sohernhl higand in u thepper0s 4. tsouthide ale v ileyn theyo cann 'rtheyate 40. todownomwn c iingnat 59. oudetsi v theyalle thest re of the s,ites mid 40shr paump, low 50s uimesqte. rouic offial highte atmperureat rrmccaanod tay,3 7eedegrs. witas ae nic my,ondao almst ledoubre whe were we to start thaye dt las week ats thie. tim cosend sghtraiayt dov abe
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the0s 7. i'moo l akingt theg- longeran etrnd. laeast y wreie td the rdecoror f seconvecutid 70-eegreys da in bfey.ruar mwe ightblbe aoe te mak a run at it thisr yeas al. wel ruppe60 s byun lchme ti. ethonre w'te b muchin wd rrtomoow. m aaybeez brene i the mngorni, 5 tomi 10 peles our hr. 'sthat it. ilstlso seablnay coldo thrutugho ago hod cunk ofhe t nheortast. most ofhe t nheortastea dngli with flakes flying,ut b tshat' otn our e.issu oussr iueis l creaki ss,eig b area h ofigh puressret thas ha stthrengd en,e ait'sngcti as a rlooadb ack,ndma norllyhe tse symssteld wouo gon thees wt asco t,tbu now eyth're egndinup in werestna c.nada atth willlo alws u towa rm up evene. mor ldbouiter c iysng goi down to 45 tot.nigh 41 inov n.erto ighomhs toworrr foyo urue ty,sda notad b , 61in thent mou, ains76 upahrmp.
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jugmpinto in the 80s 8. moto prrowylent ofun se.shin 74. wiit olll hdh tere at least rothugh wsdedneay. o75nrs thuday. owe c suldet ae rporth higis th week. and then we'llrt sta pngeeli k pactta libile t. if youcane mak it tghhrou vainlente'say d andre pntsides ydah withs higu aro0,nd 7er the earts hinha tt we'lle b on an wauprd antssei agan. anpod lyssibav heme so hryisto ttoalkbo aut. >>si jes tca: ihishes td kin ofi hystor weik l teo .make ilstol t ,comech mristas ntcorsrovey. j>> tim:eahe r asonn oioh wntoa bednnir theor fmerre fi
11:20 pm im>> j s: itd eeme alikee nic a,ide to start a groupof irfhtefig ier,dincluheng tir formerap cn,tai spenthe t oirwn onmoey t put up ais chrtmas biarllbod. j>>caessiut: bte insofad spireadolng h ciday,heer the
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>>: jimc lanraste city lereads rirepedmand t allhee firtefighr lvinvonded aa bednnme forr apc ttainommp desey from all llocae firse housec b tausehey sa tidhe blbiloardho sws liresgiouor favm.itis es>> j:sicaps demeyay ss he wasnv iited byhe t other fiigrefshter toa picrtaiptend a libe tevesanhe bte smsfr om a feud with their feie chfnd a ssay heid dth noingn wrog. j>>im:ad neva ssportks boo ahit rdecorak bresuing per owbowl, hch muey mon fans o betn tighe bam ge and whos i the ea frlyriavoote t winit next r.yea amrbeas hth athe aad an>> cenounhyr: w r isachd han cu tffedero h bbhu y,john?th en- -
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w, no >>er amb:he tni runn'el rebs ca sn't teemo catch a b.reak moadre bew n fsor a tmeaha tt's aly read ihadhats sre this season. today coachim son sysa fshreanm rwfodarte senvzi mmmerwian ll be ioutfindelynite. hhead an mri datoyft aer raspinin hgisef lt knee against fresnost eatn oat sdaury. heea l tdsheeb rs in rebounding andlo bedckho sts, wasra aveging 10nt pois aam ge. anthd leis aveshe teb rsel whit just one big man, smoophore rwfoardan dwye manorg. gnextame eswednday ate hom against san jose state. the uvnloo faltbl tm,ea now knows its first opopntneof the upmicong saseon. onte sep 1mberst the relebs
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hoscsola hve only met once in 7519. there lsbele b weth terigs out 39.-2 isth meteg,inho th,ug meant to be a game and anve ent. laseg vas cenonvtion and itvis aorsriuthoty isvo inlved tandilhere wle bll ats sorf o ivfestsitienc iluding rforpeesmancy b jacksonte sta's dfamearch mingd, bane th sonic oobm ofhe tou sth,nd ahe tir lpopuanar dcead squ. esom pciranng,er phapsnc daing dbyerenv boronca fns restig nht ashe t drenveef d sensetief edelfar ca.olin cobroneas b ttinghean prsthe 024-1n irsupe bowl 50. tbe orsin naevado alse bat a estator recd. ethev priousep rort waset s two aye arsgo. lo scaltporks boore a adylrea ngtakis bet onex ntea yr's big
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ethha seawks, pioatrndts a stleee rsenop t asighe eht to oneav fesorit. ethth paners, prsackend a dicarnalsre a 10 tone o vofa.rite ethen defding ciohampnnc broos facingnc uinertatty a the qeruartbackos pn,itio theyre a orfavtoed n wi14 at o t one,an d so are theng be.als mai igine you must beap hpy inseeheg tah seawksp ure the. >>jim:e somso cononlatier aft thisea sson. >>er ambhe: t myay bein makg theirun rth wiout maarchnd h,lync heo p tstedhispi ectur of chistsleagi hanngm fro a phteleone l.ine es>> ja:sicho tseic psture are alsway sono omius,ea lding us to onw wder hhate ms.ean a>>r:mbe heoe d ssn'taych mu. j>>icessupa: next, twolo cal
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aryein sty slele. >>: jimli milarons toundhe orwreld a cbrelegatinth ena lur nyeew ar thtonig, idncluing pe hople ierenn. tow
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